Invitation to Summer Group Show

“Only leave until tomorrow,that which you are willing to die left undone”  Picasso


It’s been a scary surreal time for all of us, for sure.  But, we will get through this and come out stronger for it.  While the world was put on PAUSE we watched as thousands died…in the 3 months since the discovery of Covid-19, the United States has seen as many deaths as occured during the entire duration of the Viet Nam war.  It is a staggering thought.  For those of us that remained vigilent and healthy, we learned how to share, how to care, express compassion and experience immense gratitude.  We will all look back on this as an amazing time and feel proud that we all worked together to “flatten the curve.”

In the meantime, I am making optismistic plans to re open the gallery in June.  I have extended the deadline for our summer juried show, so if you have not applied yet, you can still do so.  The deadline is now June 10.  Please take a moment to apply.  I would love to see your art and give everyone a chance at the possibility of a solo exhibition in my new space.  Applications are only accepted through CAFE, managed by Western States Art Federation.  If you are not registered with CAFE, you may do so HERE.  If you are registered, you may apply for our show HERE.  For more information, please visit our website,