Save the Date, Save the Post Office

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Curated by Sylvia White

 Sheila Daube, Diane Williams, Chuck Potter, James Volkert, John M. White, Elaine Unzicker, Marlo Bartels, Ashlie Benton, Lynne Deutch, Steve Heller, Linda Schroeter, Bob Hernandez, Stephen Schubert, Carolyn Kramer, Cheryl Kline, Sandy Brooke, Michael Miner, Ferdinand Metz

Outdoor Opening Reception.  Sunday, September 6, 3-5pm

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   *Dear Friends,Please be sure to wear a mask and follow social distancing guidelines. Thank you for helping us “spread the art” while continuing to flatten the curve.

If you are an artist, interested in showing your work at realART, please submit to our Juried Show or our postcard show.  Application deadline is October 10. 

ALL ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED THROUGH the CALL FOR ENTRIES WEBSITE.  CAFE is hosted by the Western Federation for the Arts to help artists stay informed about their career opportunities.  Registration is FREE. If u are not registered with CAFE you may do so HERE.  If you are registered, you may go directly to our call page  For tips about improving your chances, please read “Pick me, Pick me!” from my ArtAdvice blog.  


Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 7.53.57 AMPLEASE SHARE THIS. My one woman campaign to save the Post Office…realART October postcard show! DEADLINE Sept 30. Exhibition opening reception will be Sunday October 4, 3-5pm.

Send me a postcard with a note, a drawing, a collage, a photograph, whatever and I will put ALL that I receive in a show in October. Please make sure to date and sign. 28873 Agoura Road, Agoura, CA. 91301. We will sell each postcard for $25 donating all of the proceeds to ActBlue. Size can not exceed 4.5″ x 6″. You can mail your cards in an envelope, if you prefer.

Whizin Market Square


28873 Agoura Road

Agoura Hills, CA. 91301

 Good luck