Career Management

Artists have described our services as a jump start for their careers. For a monthly fee, based on a one year contract, we assist artists in their approach to appropriate galleries, museums, critics, curators and private art consultants locally, nationally and internationally. By assuming all the activities related to the business aspects of your career, we hope to afford you the freedom to concentrate on your work, doing what you do best, and allowing us to do what we do best.

Some of the other benefits of representation:

  • Personalized monthly summary report of all
    calls, correspondence, presentations and other activities and contacts made on the artist’s behalf.
  • Information and news about important activities, people, places and networking opportunities in the art world.
  • Visibility at International Art Fairs such as New York, ¬†Seattle, Houston among others.
  • Use of Contemporary Artists’ Services mailing list which consists of
    approximately 5000 up-to-date curators, collectors, consultants, galleries and non-profit spaces.
  • Production assistance, including design, layout, printing for brochures, catalogs or any other promotional materials.
  • Arranging for a professional art writer to provide an essay to be used in promotional materials.

Most importantly, we offer an objective perspective to help you navigate the artworld, thus allowing you the time and luxury to do what you do best…make art!