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The Art of Being an Artist

Everything Your Mother Should Have Told You About Being An Artist


The Art of Being an Artist


Artists are encouraged to check out the ArtAdvice.com website, before the workshop, to familiarize themselves with articles and resources listed there.

It is also advised that artists spend some time developing a list of personal short term and long range goals, as well as a list of questions. Coming to the workshop prepared will make a more valuable experience for each participant.

Artists may also bring a resume, slides and/or prints of their work for review, The last 30 minutes of each session will be devoted to reviewing artists’ work. If you have a laptop computer with wireless capability, you may want to bring it, as well.

Workshop Details

This workshop is designed to teach artists the skills they need to manage their own careers. $40 per session.  Two sessions for $75,  all four sessions,  $150.  Topics include:

Session 1-Exhibition and Marketing Options, How to decide where to show and sell your work, how to approach them once you do.  Each artist will leave this session with a specific strategy about how to approach their target market.

Session 2-Gallery Relationships, Contracts and business negotiations, pricing your work, consignment.  Each artist will leave this session with practical negotiating skills, clear and concise business forms and a realistic pricing formula.

Session 3-Resumes, documentation, artist’s statement, press release.  Each artist will leave this session with a personal professional resume, artist statement and a template for a press release.

Session 4-Understanding new Technology and how to use it to help your career…smart phone, website and social media, the new essential art supplies.  Each artist will leave this session with a critique of their website (if you have one) and an understanding of how to leverage social media to promote your career.




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Limited to 50 participants, Pre Registration Required.

For reservations, call 805 643 8300 or email sylvia@artadvice.com